La Ju10cieuse

La Ju10cieuse


La Ju10cieuse – Delivered in a magnetic box with a jewel
50% Chardonnay – 50% Pinot noir

After aging for 8 months in wooden barrels, the Ju10cieuse rested on lees for 4 years.

The colour is light gold and the bubbles are delicate and lively.

The first nose opens up over mixed aromas of fruit and spices. You are struck by its sharpness which allows the juicy nature of the fruit to delight your taste buds. The second nose is more complex, evoking citrus and a lightly toasted touch. You will enjoy the delicate flavours of stewed white peach, of pear and fine spices that aging in wooden barrels superbly reveals.

The attack opens with a touch of delicate, beautiful bubbles, then reveals itself through its richness, its concentration and fully light nature. The pear takes the upper hand, but the spices (mild pepper and cinnamon) and citrus peel (mandarine) provide it with depth.


For what occasion ?

Offer as an indulgent aperitif to your circle of connoisseurs or serve with white meat ‘au jus’ or white fish (even in sauce).

You can also serve it after dinner to extend the evening in the most convivial way.