Champagne Rosé

Champagne Rosé


Champagne Rosé
50% Chardonnay – 50% Pinot noir

The look is that of a modern, bright rosé, with highlights of redcurrent. The stream of delicate bubbles pops up with lots of finesse.

The first nose, plain, reveals scents of crisp small black fruit like blackberry, blackcurrent and elderberry au jus. The second nose becomes more refined thanks to the freshness of cranberry and white current. A cocoon of raspberry enhances it all.

The soft and silky attack soon becomes fruity. The tense structure enhances aromas of maras des bois and bigarreaux cherry. Then pink grapefruit takes over. The hint of citrus peel makes the finish particularly refreshing.

For 6 half bottles or 6 bottles of 75cl, a bottle wrapped in tissue paper and a jewel offered.

Each magnum comes in a case with a jewel.


For what occasion ?

The champagne rosé is my greed, my champagne for dessert.  It goes very well with fruits and chocolate.

Most of the weddings and birthdays I worked for have chosen the Magnum Rosé, to be placed on every table during events.