Brut JN

Brut JN


Champagne Brut JN
80% Chardonnay – 20% Pinot noir

The golden plain and pearlescent look is surrounded by slight green highlights. The bubble is fine, lively, persistent, providing the flute with a particularly aesthetically pleasing peripheral corolla.

The first nose opens up on yellow fruit but soon reveals floral aromas (wisteria, verbena or jasmine) . The second nose, which is more unctuous, brings about a slight touch of spices (ginger) and ends up on a refreshing hint of citrus fruit (tangerine, citrus). The touch of the bubbles is fine and delicate.

The mouth-feel is well-balanced, allowing at this very stage Chardonnay to express itself more deeply. Crisp over a volute of flower basket and enhanced by fragrances of alcohol, fresh white grapes and mango, it grows into a dense finish of citrus and stone where Pinot goes back to what it wants. A taste which always leaves you wanting more then prevails, with hints of ginger and acacia flowers coming back in.

For 6 half bottles or 6 bottles of 75cl, a bottle wrapped in tissue paper and a jewel offered.

Each magnum comes in a case with a jewel. 


For what occasion ?

With its dominance in Chardonnay, the Brut JN can be used both as an appetizer and as a starter (goat cheese, gougère…)

I like to accompany it with fish, sushi sashimi or a seafood platter.