Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs


Blanc de blancs
100% Chardonnay

The pale golden colour with grey-green silver highlights is enhanced by faultless brilliance. The bubble is fine, vivid and dynamic.

Floral notes of hawthorn, verbena and wisteria then allow fresh juicy white fruit and a slight hint of soft spices to come to the fore.

The delicate meddling of bubbles prepares the palate only to then appear in a refreshing attack.
The complex structure is revealed by bursting aromas of sap, white acacia flower and white peach in syrup.

Exceptional tension and fullness creates a nice balance followed by a mineral finish and sharpened by a saline hint.

For 6 bottles of 75cl, a bottle wrapped in tissue paper and a jewel offered!

Each magnum comes in a case with a jewel.


For what occasion ?

This is my guilty pleasure, my favorite: I like to drink the Blanc de Blancs very fresh as an aperitif, the sweetness of Chardonnay can gently open the palate.

Savor it well: it is a limited quantity each year, no more than 500 bottles !!!