Delivery only in Metropolitan France.

For any delivery in Corsica or in the DOM TOM: quote on request, please contact us

Delivery will be dealt with by Axe STPP – 2 rue Gambetta – 10350 Marigny.


Delivery rates depend on the total amount of the order:

Amount of the order Delivery cost
Up to 70€ 10€
from 71 to 150€ 15€
from 151 to 300€ 20€
from 301 to 450€ 30€
from 451 to 600€ 40€
from 601 to 750€ 50€
from 751 to 900€ 60€
More than 900€ Contact us

Delivery delay

  • 1 to 6 bottles : 48hrs
  • over 6 bottles : 48hrs to 72hrs

Delivery dates are given for information only. Overrunning delivery dates cannot give rise to late delivery penalty, damages, delivery refusal or cancellation of order.

Delivery will be made against signature. The client will necessarily provide a mobile phone number when placing an order.

In case of damage or missing products, it is up to the client to :

  • express reservations on the delivery ticket and on the consignment note
  • notify the carrier of his/her reasoned protest by extrajudicial document or registered letter with recorded delivery within the three days (public holidays excluded) following receipt of the goods by the client
  • send our company, without delay, a registered letter with recorded delivery